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A comprehensive guide to transportation logistics for MICE groups in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for its transportation connectivity in and between its major cities, with a myriad of transportation options available depending on your preference. Although for meeting planners organizing their first event here the transportation logistics may seem complicated, MICE groups will quickly find that traveling around Taiwan is a breeze.

Before delving into the various means of transportation in Taiwan, all attendees looking for pre-conference and post-conference tour options should think about getting a top-up card. Taipei’s public transportation card also known as EasyCard is essential while traveling within the city. EasyCards costs NT$100 each and may be purchased from all MRT stations and convenience shops such as 7-11 or Family Mart. The usage of Easycard includes Taipei MRT, standard train service, public bicycle rental (YouBike), city buses, the Maokong Gondola, Taoyuan Airport MRT, and the Kaohsiung MRT. All those services are only card swipe away!

A high speed rail train - one of the fastest means of transportations to move MICE groups around Taiwan
High Speed Rail in Taiwan

Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR)

Taiwan HSR runs along the west coast of Taiwan from Taipei Main Station in the north to Kaohsiung in the south. The HSR is generally the fastest and easiest means of transportation across the island. It only takes 90 minutes to travel between Taiwan's two largest metropolitan areas with a dizzying speed of 300 km/h (185 mph). If you would like to guarantee a seat during the ride, do remember to book the “Reserved Seats” tickets so you don't have to stand all the way to your destination. Or even better, ask a DMC like Taiwanlook to handle all the tranportation logistics and privatize the whole business class carriage for your VIP group.

Mass Rapid Transport (MRT)

MRT is one of the most convenient, accessible and affordable transportation tools to explore Taiwan's largest cities. It operates both in Taipei and in Kaohsiung and the recently opened Green Line ushered the start of the MRT service in Taichung. The fares are paid by EasyCard or by tokens purchased at vending machines. English signage and travel announcements are provided on all stations and trains so you don't worry that you will miss your stop. MRT is perfect for moving small MICE groups or used as a part of our Amazing Race city game where the teams use public transportation to discover the city - a perfect idea for a fun team building activity in Taipei.


Taiwan’s iconic yellow taxis can be spotted easily on the roads all accross the island. The fares are metered starting from a fixed NT$85 starting fee so don't worry about haggling with the drivers. Rides after 11 pm will incur a midnight surcharge of NT$30 (USD1) which makes them an affordable transportation option regardless of the time of day. The drivers themselves are very well-mannerd and helpful but usually don’t speak good English. If you are planning on taking a lot of taxi rides, consider memorizing the name of your hotel in Mandarin or have it written down in Chinese script on piece of paper. For those who use it, Uber is also widely-available in Taiwan. For an ultimate hassle-free experience, especially when arriving in Taipei International Taoyuan airport, why not arrange a deluxe car or a limo through a DMC? Our professional staff can whisk you away from arrival hall and even arrange for the greeters to welcome you in indigenous attire. An immersive experience right from the start!


The ubiquitous white and orange bicycles you see in the major cities are a part of Taiwan's bike-sharing scheme - YouBike. The bikes are made by Giant - the world's largest bicycle manufacter and one of the icons of Taiwan. They are extremely affordable to rent and finding a bike station is a breeze. Once you find a bike you like, taking it for a ride is as easy as swiping once over it with an EasyCard. Do note, however, that you would need to register your Easycard online prior to renting your first YouBike. Once that is done, you can ride to you heart content, for example, along hundreds of kilometers of cycling paths around Taipei which has developed its cycling infrastructure signifficantly over the last years. One of the best paths follow the rivers crossing the capital creating verdant enclaves in the middle of the city. Larger groups can take advantage of our creative planners and arrange their own cycling session as a morning pre-convention activity or as a part of a wellness incentive program.


Bus services are widely available around Taipei and prices are calculated according to distance. Simply swipe your EasyCard when getting on and off the bus and the appropriate amount will be deducted from your account. If you don't have a card on you, don't worry - all busses have cash collection box and a single journey costs only NT$15.

Private Coach

Taking a public bus is definitely one of the best ways to get a glimpse into the daily hustle bustle of the city but might be a bit too much for most of the MICE groups. If your company is looking for a solid logistics and transportation services provider in Taiwan, Taiwanlook DMC is happy to offer you the most hassle-free white glove service accross the island. Our professional meeting planners will design the most suitable route for your intinerary and suggest seamless logistics solutions for your conferences, incentives or gala events.

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