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The best incentive destination in Taiwan? Discovering Formosa's happiest county.

Meeting planners designing their first incentives in Taiwan usually face the same question: What other destinations to include in the incentive itinerary outside of Taipei? With the capital nested right in the north and the imposing Central Mountain Range dividing the island in the middle, the two possible answers are either the West or the East Coast. And as the West Coast offers some trully outstanding cultural experiences and probaly the best food in the country, the East's mountaineous coast is a perfect choice for groups with a penchant for adventure.

Famous for the breathtaking Taroko Gorge, Hualien is Taiwan's largest county located on the east side of the island. A large part of the county is covered by mountainous terrain and is a popular tourist destination thanks to its rural nature. Hualien has been crowned as the happiest place in Taiwan since the 2015 National Happiness Index. Its pictureque location facing the Pacific Ocean, rugged mountain ranges, and rich indigenous culture have made it an ideal destination for adventurous MICE groups, scenic landscape lovers, and meeting planners looking for authentic cultural activities.

The best season to plan incentives in Hualien is from April to June; and September until the first end of November when the temperature and precipitation are low. In the summer, the temperature might be hot in the city but it's the perfect time for Taiwan's favorite incentive activity - river tracing.

Some highlights that you would definitely not want to miss in your incentive tour itinerary in Hualien:

Taroko National Park

Established in 1986, Taroko National Park is named after the inhabitant Truku indigenous tribe. It s a true marvel of nature and the world's deepest marble canyon. The area was almost unreachable by land until the beginning of the XX century and was connected to the rest of the island by road during the Japanese colonial time. This meant that the region remains one of the best places in Taiwan to observe and participate in its indigenous culture. The gorge itself offers numerous attractions such as dizzying hiking trails, dramatically placed temples, and aboriginal settlements. The national park is the crown jewel of Hualien and eastern Taiwan as a whole. A DMC will help you to privatize its venues and offer a bespoke team building activities ifused with authentic indigenous elements.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Cradled by 3,000 metter-high mountains to the west, Hualien faces the Pacific Ocean with cliffs falling directly into it's azure waters. It is no surprise then that the county is a nature paradise offering numerous exhilarating nature activities. On top of the list is whale and dolphin watching cruise allowing the participants to catch an up-close view of these incredible cetaceans. Thanks to its unique geography, Taiwan’s waters are home to a variety of whales species such as humpback whales, sperm whales, and even killer whales. Aside from getting a glimpse of the adorable whales and dolphins, the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean with the glorious sunset and dazzling waters backdrop offer a truly enchanting sight to behold!

Aboriginal Cooking Classes

Hualien is famous for its well-preserved indigenous tribe culture, which you can also implement in business events in Taiwan. Why not consider arranging an aboriginal cooking class for a truly immersive cultural experience in Hualien? Through the classe, you would be able to learn the local tribe's most exquisite dishes and savor the authentic flavors made with the freshest local produce. Learning to cook with ancient techniques using wild-grown plants and herbs is a surefire way to wow any group. A great idea for both incentive and a team building activity.


Spice up your incentive tour itinerary by soaring in the skies of Hualien! There's no better way to witness a spectacular 360-degree view of the East Rift Valley, Hualien, and Taitung. Make sure to find a good DMC to link you with the most reputable paragliding vendors! Group safety is the paramount for the top incentive providers in Taiwan.

River Tracing

Originating in Japan, river tracing is a combination of hiking, bouldering, and climbing in and above a river canyon. With the whole county carved into the majestic mountains, Hualien is one of the best river tracing desinations in the world. There are many levels of treks available in Taiwan and some require special tools and skills. For MICE groups trying their first river tracing experience in Taiwan, we recommend choosing a simple hike along the prisitne rivers of Hualien which provide a cooling respite at the end of and eventful incentive program. Even during the easiest of treks you can expect to see plenty natural water slides, jumping into the pools and have a relaxing picnic on the side of the river. A great incentive activity to plan during the summer heat in Taiwan.

Hualien is surely one of the best places in Taiwan to disconnect and feel the nature. It offers a nice break after a busy event and is a perfect capstone for any incentive program in Taiwan. If you are interested to host a meeting or and= incentive trip in the happiest place in Taiwan, our team will be delighted to offer our award-winning DMC services to bring the happiest of meeting experiences and bespoke programs for your corporate clients.

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