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A Comprehensive Guide to get around Taiwan

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Taiwan is known for its transportation connectivity in cities, with a myriad of transportation options available depending on your preference. Transportation is highly accessible in major cities of Taiwan.

Before delving into the various transportation modes in Taiwan, EasyCard is a must have, making traveling within Taipei just a tap away. Taipei’s public transportation card also known as EasyCard is essential while traveling within the city. Easycard costs NTD$100 each and may be purchased from all MRT stations and convenience shops such as 7-11 or Family Mart. The usage of Easycard includes Taipei MRT, standard train service, public bicycle rental (Youbike), city buses, the Maokong Gondola, Taoyuan Airport MRT, and the Kaohsiung MRT. Do note that you would need to register your Easycard online prior to renting Youbike.

Train Services

In Taiwan, railway services are being offered island-wide covering a total of 1496km. Based on your budget, schedule, preferred route and type of train, you can purchase the tickets accordingly. During public holidays or long weekends, it is advisable to book the tickets in advance (up to 14 days) to avoid sold-out scenarios. Train schedules and ticket-booking services are available online too.

Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR)

Taiwan HSR runs along the west coast of Taiwan from Taipei Main Station in the north to Kaohsiung in the south. The HSR is generally the fastest and least complicated transportation mode to travel across the island which only takes approximately an hour and a half. If you would like to guarantee a seat during the ride, do remember to book the “Reserved Seats” tickets so that you would have a more comfortable journey to your destination.

Mass Rapid Transport (MRT)

MRT is one of the most convenient, accessible and affordable transportation tools to explore the city. It operates in Taipei and Kaohsiung. Easycard is used to pay for your train fare. English and Chinese signage and information are available on the train so fret not, you won’t be missing your stop.


Taiwan’s taxi has a brightly-lit yellow exterior and can be spotted easily on the roads. Be assured that you won’t have to haggle pricing with the driver as the taxi fares are metered starting from NT$70. Rides after 11 pm will incur a midnight surcharge of NTD$20. Taxi drivers in Taiwan usually don’t speak English; thus, it would be great if you could convey your destination in Chinese either verbally or have it written down on a piece of paper. Another tip that you could do is to search up the destination on Google Maps and assist the driver whenever required. If you would want to pre-book your rides, an international ride-hailing mobile application such as Uber is also widely-used in Taiwan.


Bus services are widely available around Taipei and prices are calculated according to distance. You would have to take note of the signage upon boarding to know whether to tap the EasyCard for payment on-boarding or off-boarding. If you are not paying by EasyCard, do prepare the exact amount as changes are not given.

Commuting on public transportation is definitely one of the best ways to get a glimpse into the daily hustle bustle of the city. If your company is looking to make transportation plans around Taiwan, TaiwanLook is happy to offer you the most fuss-free and well-thought-off routes based on our experienced execution and professional local knowledge.

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