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Trailblazing Sales Conference for Finance Industry Leader

How a leading finance association’s debut in Asia brought 1,200 attendees to Taiwan.

Congress attendees listening to a speaker in a large auditorium.


In recent years, associations who wish to get their feet in the door in the East Asia region, often choose Taiwan as their first conference destination. Here is a story of a successful organization of a major international finance association's first-ever sales conference in Asia. With approximately 1,200 delegates in attendance, the event showcased Taiwan's capability to host large-scale international gatherings seamlessly, and with great participation of attendees from neighboring countries.


  • A premiere international finance association, seeking to expand its reach into the Asian market by organizing its sales conference in the region

  • Taiwan chosen as the host country for its welcoming business environment, modern facilities, and rich cultural offerings

  • No prior experience organizing events in Asia

  • Looking for  trustworthy partner to provide meeting logistics and integrate event services into a seamless experience for the attendees

Event Planning and Coordination

The success of the event was attributed to careful planning and coordination between the organizers and the Meeting Manager provided by Taiwanlook. The liaison with the venue and hotel management ensured smooth logistics, including banquet arrangements and conference facilities. As an established DMC in Taipei, Taiwanlook was instrumental in communicating with local venues and navigating local meeting industry practices.


An integral element of the event’s success was the fact that Taiwanlook, as the only DMC in Taiwan, has access to GIS Group’s in-house AV team. This gave the client’s meeting planners an unparalleled opportunity to work with an experienced audiovisual technician team directly in English to make sure their vision was seamlessly put into life. GIS Group’s language service team - the only member of the Bosch Congress Rental Network in Taiwan - provided the cutting edge interpretation equipment and sourced world-class interpreters of regional languages. Simultaneous interpretation service in Thai and Vietnamese was provided to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the delegates, ensuring seamless communication throughout the congress.

Program Highlight

One of the highlights of the congress was the integration of Indigenous Taiwanese culture into the event program. The Gala Dinner, a linchpin gathering during the conference, featured entertainment acts that showcased the rich cultural heritage of Taiwan. Performances by local artists inspired the audience to active participation, which ended up being the most lively event in the association’s history. From traditional music and dance performances to culinary delights highlighting Taiwanese cuisine, guests were treated to an immersive cultural experience that left a lasting impression.

Outcome and impact

The successful execution of the event in Taiwan not only bolstered the reputation of the hosting organization in the region but also showcased Taiwan's capabilities as an ideal destination for hosting large-scale international events. The conference provided a platform for knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and cultural immersion, fostering stronger ties between the international finance community and Taiwan.


The positive feedback received from delegates highlighted the seamless organization, warm hospitality, and cultural richness of Taiwan, further enhancing the country's appeal as a preferred destination for future international business events.


The case study is a great example of a successful collaboration between international organizers and local DMC in bringing a large-scale event to Taiwan. Through integrating various meeting services and multiple suppliers, Taiwanlook delivers a seamless experience to both attendees and meeting planners. We are the only DMC in Taiwan providing an in-house total meeting solution for international meeting planners. For a full list of services provided by our multicultural team, please click here.

Speaker on the auditorium's stage, talking to a large audience of delegates

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