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Culinary Immersion in Hsinchu: A Kick-off to Remember

For our corporate clients, it's all about creating a memorable experience for international colleagues, whether business or leisure. This is how we assisted them in delivering it.

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Many of our corporate clients want to host their regional meetings but are not confident organizing the event themselves or lack experience hosting international colleagues in Taiwan. This case study highlights the successful organization of a regional corporate training conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The event, attended by 160 international participants, required the coordination of multiple breakouts, offsite venues, and culturally immersive activities, showcasing Taiwan's capability to host complex corporate events while providing rich cultural experiences.


  • A local office of a global research company invited their regional kick-off meeting to be held in Taiwan.

  • The main challenges: small budget and a long decision-making process, all suitable venues in Taipei were booked out.

  • Taiwanlook proposed hosting the conference in a technology hub conveniently located near Taipei and its international airport in Taoyuan.

  • Immersive cultural decor and team-building ideas were implemented within a limited budget.

Event Planning and Coordination

The biggest challenge was selecting a venue capable of hosting 11 breakout sessions with modern amenities and flexible spaces to accommodate various training needs while staying within a strict budget and being convenient for both local and international guests. Thanks to our large network within the hospitality industry, Taiwanlook secured a preferential deal with an international hotel in Hsinchu.


Our team also coordinated transportation for guests arriving on scattered flights over three days and managed similar departure schedules. Ensuring smooth transfers between airports, hotels, and event venues on the outskirts of Hsinchu was challenging but ultimately successful.

Program Highlight

The client wanted the program to highlight Taiwanese culinary culture while providing opportunities for teams working across APAC to network within their business groups. To achieve this, the Taiwanlook team sourced and coordinated 11 private offsite venues for dinners, offering a diverse range of local culinary experiences. Our coordinators escorted the teams to their private offsite dinner venues, showcasing different facets of Taiwanese cuisine and ambiance, from traditional Hakka food houses to modern fusion restaurants.

Outcome and impact

The impeccable setting provided an effective learning environment, meeting the client's training objectives, while the networking dinners facilitated informal discussions among the teams. Participants praised the seamless organization, engaging activities, and rich cultural experiences. Overwhelmingly positive feedback highlighted the smooth logistics, unique dining experiences, and cultural integration. The event demonstrated local stakeholders’ capability to host complex corporate events and reinforced Taiwan’s appeal as a premier destination for international corporate meetings and conferences.


The corporate training conference in Hsinchu was a resounding success, combining effective training sessions with immersive cultural experiences. Through meticulous planning and coordination, the event not only achieved its objectives but also provided a memorable experience for all participants. This case study underscores Taiwan's potential as a top destination for hosting international corporate events, offering both modern facilities and rich cultural heritage, not only in Taipei.

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